Vision technology consists of 2D and 3D camera sensor technology and 3D laser technology in combination with the digital processing of visual information to produce usable images or information for interpretation by people and/or machines.

Vision technology is used for inspection, quality, product and process control in, for example, medical solutions, industrial automation, consumer electronics and for scientific research. The security technology combined with our mission critical communication technology enables us to manage and control the urban environment in terms of efficiency, safety and security. It includes alarm, access and recording systems, voice and listening connections, guidance and evacuation systems. In the mobility market, camera solutions are provided for intelligent traffic systems.

Our smart technologies

Video surveillance and Alarmsystems

tunnel camera

Safety cameras (explosion proof)


Video management and analysis

Man achter computer

Guiding & lighting systems

Guide en lighting systems

Access control & registration systems


2D and 3D Industrial inspection & automation


3D Robot control and diagnostics


2D and 3D Quality control systems

Building Solutions

Interactive Voice Response


(Personal) alarm systems


Emergency response management systems

evacuation systems


Core technologies