TKH creates Smart Vision, Smart Manufacturing, and Smart Connectivity systems. Software plays an essential role to fully unlock the potential of our integrated technologies.


Smart Vision systems

We create state-of-the-art Vision systems. Vision technology consists of 2D Security Vision and 2D and 3D machine Vision technology. The technologies are combined with software to create smart technologies and one-stop-shop solutions with plug-and-play integrated systems. The digital processing of visual information produces valuable data for interpretation by people and/or machines.

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Smart Manufacturing systems

We create superior Manufacturing systems. TKH uses its knowledge of the automation of production processes for controlling and monitoring industrial processes and also in complete manufacturing systems for the production of car and truck tires, for the tin processing and care industries.

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Smart Connectivity systems

We create advanced Connectivity systems. With our connectivity technology, we focus on a complete portfolio of cable systems for energy distribution and electrical applications in the construction and infrastructure sectors, as well as fiber-optic systems for data and communication networks.

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