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Investing in ‘smart technology’ is also investing in people

There is no ‘smart technology’ without ‘smart people’. That is why TKH is investing significantly within the group in software engineers in order to retain and further extend its carefully built technological lead. At the same time, the high-quality technological knowledge of intelligent software development means that the ‘Time to Market’ is reduced, making it possible to benefit fully from the opportunities.


To a large extent, software development within TKH is concentrated at subsidiary C&C Technology in Poland. Here project-dependent collaborations have been entered into with at least 12 TKH subsidiaries. C&C Technology is an important knowledge reservoir with a strong reputation in developing smart technology. The TKH subsidiaries and their customers can therefore rely on the intelligent design of solution-dependent hardware, firmware, software and specific electronics including chips and PCBs (computer boards). Examples include the software developments for the Apollo Site Management system from Keyprocessor, the fully automated robot control in ‘Point of Presence’ within TKF optical fibre networks and the smart sensors in the Mextal care solutions.

Software developments

With the help of C&C Technology and the Mextal innovations, the VieDome platform has also grown to become an innovative system for personal security. It can be connected to the internet simply and wirelessly so that the system can be installed in a building on a permanent or temporary basis. Using a collaboratively developed App, employees can summon help quickly wherever they are. The C&C software built into the sensors also gives care providers every opportunity to observe, analyse and bring into focus the behaviour of elderly people requiring care and people with a physical or mental disability, via audio and video communication. On the basis of data acquired this way, not only the alarm can be sounded immediately, but a treatment plan can also reflect the situation. “We can manage the entire development process, from idea and design to end product, including testing of the solution. For us, data security and the lifespan of the solution always have the highest priority. We see these as prime examples of our creativity and vision on software development, where we always make sure that we approach the work in the most structured way possible. In addition, the care solution is a good example of combining knowledge within TKH Group, which results in great innovative projects”, says Piotr Niemczyk, Managing Director at C&C Technology.

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