Update Share Buyback April 25, 2023 - repurchases exceeded AFM notification threshold of 3%

Update share buyback TKH

TKH Group N.V. (“TKH”) today reports that it has repurchased 65,897 of its own depositary receipts of shares in the period from April 18, 2023 up to and including April 24, 2023, for € 2,990,931 and at an average share price of € 45.39.

These repurchases takes place within the framework of the share buyback program, announced on March 7, 2023 for an amount of € 25 million. It is the intention to execute the program within a period of 4 months, within the conditions set by the General Meeting of Shareholders, with a maximum purchasing daily volume of 10% of the trading volume.

In accordance with regulatory requirements regarding substantial holdings, TKH has notified the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) that the number of depositary receipts of shares held in own depositary receipts of shares exceeded the notification threshold of 3% of the issued capital. The number of depositary receipts of shares held by TKH per the end of April 21, 2023, was 1,267,085.

TKH publishes on a weekly basis every Tuesday, an overview of the progress of the program on its website: www.tkhgroup.com/en/investors/sharebuyback

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