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‘Top innovation 2018’ award for Allied Vision’s 1 Product Line

Allied Vision’s 1 product line, which combines the performance of a machine vision camera with the advantages of an embedded camera, has been awarded ‘Top Innovation 2018’ by inVision, the specialized German magazine for image processing, embedded vision and 3D metrology.

The inVision award, which was presented for the fourth time, recognizes innovations in the field of image processing and optical metrology. The camera platform impressed the jury of experts with its technical innovation and high potential to make image processing significantly easier in the future.

Machine vision for embedded systems

Allied Vision considers the increasing importance of embedded vision as an important alternative to PC-based image processing and, as a result, has developed a trend-setting camera architecture. The Allied Vision 1 product line bridges the gap between embedded and PC-based industrial image processing and represents an innovative approach to both areas. The Allied Vision 1 product line gives system developers access to image quality and camera performance previously unattainable for reasons of cost and space. However, the new product line is also the perfect platform for integrators of PC-based machine vision solutions who want to switch to embedded systems without sacrificing image quality and performance standards.

New camera architecture

The unique ALVIUM® technology is at the heart of the new Allied Vision 1 product line. It consists of a proprietary chip design optimized for advanced digital image processing. Equipped with an extensive image processing library, the technology reflects more than 25 years of expertise in industrial image processing.

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