TKH’s care home automation solutions VieDome in care apartments in Venray

In a former school in Venray (the Netherlands), 14 clustered care apartments for care organization Stichting ‘Dichterbij’ were realized. In just 18 weeks - in the middle of COVID-19 - the job was done. The sustainable character of the project is special here; the 20-year-old school houses were reused and solar-powered heat pump boilers (36 PV panels) provide hot tap water.

Time savings and cost savings

The care home automation system in the homes is provided by VieDome, TKH's home care solution. ‘Dichterbij’ monitors all its 600 care locations with VieDome. Supported by a range of sensors such as motion detectors, door contacts, smart cameras, bed sensors and epilepsy sensors, intelligent client-related monitoring scenarios are realized. The VieConnector has been installed in the care apartments as a room unit to which sensors can be connected wirelessly, depending on the care demand.

Unique here is also the innovative fire alarm system in the homes, which is also supplied and installed by VieDome. Innovative because the certified system is completely wireless. No cabling had to be installed. This has speeded up the process and is cost-effective, especially in existing buildings. The new residents have moved to the beautiful complex from 1 September 2020.

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