TKH subsidiary TKF obtains certification ‘MVO prestatieladder’

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has already been long on the TKH agenda. To objectively make visible that a company is taking active social responsibility, it is possible to become certified for CSR through the ‘MVO Prestatieladder’ (CSR Performance Ladder). TKH subsidiary TKF is the first operating company in the TKH Group who started this process successfully and obtained the certificate in December 2014 for MVO Prestatieladder - Level 3.

The MVO Prestatieladder focuses on the three P's: people, planet and profit. These three pillars are divided into seven key themes, which are measured by 33 indicators. The result is a CSR management system that is objective evidence that the company has a CSR management system, in which stakeholder requirements and expectations are managed.

Obtaining the CSR certificate it is a crowning glory for TKF, who spends a lot of attention to CSR. The subject retains the continuous attention of management and employees. Added value to the MVO Prestatieladder are the stakeholders dialogues. The input from stakeholders is used for tightening and further formulating CSR policies and objectives. A pragmatic approach is arising and mutually needs can be put on the table and further discussed. This additionally creates good initiatives in the chain.

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