TKH Group from June 18, 2012 in AMX (Midcap) index Euronext Amsterdam

NYSE Euronext Amsterdam announced that from Monday June 18, 2012 TKH's shares will be included in the Amsterdam Midcap Index (AMX)®.

The AMX-index is the share index of the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange, which represents the medium-sized shares.

The 25 largest and most traded shares on Euronext Amsterdam are included in the AEX index. The following 25 most traded shares are included in the AMX. The main criteria for inclusion in the AMX is the traded turnover in a listed company. The final weighting in the index itself is the market capitalization of the company.

The index is determined annually on the third Friday of March. In the meantime, in June, September and December, the index can also be adjusted where also counts that these changes are effective on the third Friday of the month.

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