Vision technology

Technological developments are a determining factor for product development

Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ‘Machine and Deep Learning’ are technological developments that have also found their way into TKH smart technologies. These developments are a determining factor for product strategy and product development within TKH and are utilised in our intelligent software developed in-house.

A typical feature of intelligent software is that algorithms generated from extensive databases can make predictions and take decisions autonomously. TKH Innovations plays a crucial role here in bringing together software knowledge and applications from the various TKH subsidiaries on a practical scientific basis. The aim is to achieve continuous development of technological applications that lead to greater efficiency and reliability of the application for the end users, among other benefits.

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an in-house development by TKH Innovations and is a software application that utilises speech recognition based on an ‘all-knowing’ database. One of the ways that IVR is utilised is in the TKH mission-critical communications solutions that enable the correct response to be given to a random question asked via an intercom system. IVR is extremely relevant for TKH because it forms the basis for guaranteeing communication in every critical situation, even without direct intervention from an operator. IVR applications are utilised in stand-alone situations or within existing networks and are deployed in situations including the safety and security of buildings, car parks, city centres, hospitals and airfields, but also in universities and industry. Safety and communication via integrated voice, image and data applications.

Vision technology

One way vision technology is utilised is to achieve greater efficiency and reliability of system processes. To guarantee efficiency, preventive and predictive maintenance of the machinery that carries out the processes is important. Essential machine usage data is collected in databases on the basis of which analyses and inspections are possible and maintenance can be planned in advance. The data is generated via the software built into the top-grade vision cameras. This is used to establish algorithms and models that in turn provide insight into the expected maintenance. This all falls within the domain of ‘Deep Learning’ and ‘data mining’, where patterns and relationships are looked for in large amounts of data in an automated process.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are also followed within TKH with more than a passing interest. AI is a collection of technologies that together imitate or even exceed human intelligence. Take for instance skills such as predicting, learning and reasoning – but with the advantages of scale of a computer. For example, computers that understand speech and text or recognise objects and faces on photos. Add ‘machine learning’ - self-learning machines - and you have all the means you need to be able to create something that exceeds our intelligence.

“In this field it is more about research than development and it is becoming increasingly scientific. For Machine and Deep Learning you need, besides analysis and inspection, enormous databases for data processing of, for instance, further development of admission control using biometrics, an identification method based on unique bodily characteristics. You can then achieve considerable cost savings”, says Gaby Uljee, CTO at TKH Innovations.

Granting access by using heart frequency to identify people is ready for production at TKH and provides with 99.9% the highest certainty about ‘who is who’. In departments and buildings, only a one-off identification is still required and not repeatedly for separate spaces or rooms via scanners on doorposts.

All in all, these are revolutionary developments within TKH Innovations where the ‘learning algorithms automate the automation’.

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