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Park Assist’s smart technology ensures smoothly parking

TKH subsidiary Park Assist has a different view on parking to other players in this market. For example, it was the first company to introduce a camera-based parking guidance system. The smart-sensor technology in the cameras offers many possibilities for the parking manager.

It not only provides traffic guidance, but also data gathering and video streaming of traffic flows. Based on this, activities can be detected and analysed, and action can be taken. This leads to greater safety and security in the parking garages. In addition, the operational efficiency achieved with the parking systems saves the parking manager money.

Park AlertsTM

In recent years, smart technology in the form of software development has become an increasingly important part of Park Assist’s parking solution. For example, Park Assist’s Park Alerts™ software uses the integrated Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) technology that is already built into its smart sensor system. This allows the manager to pre-define unwanted situations so that they are detected by the cameras as soon as they occur, and an alarm is triggered in the central control room. Park Alerts™ can also be used to recognise returning visitors to the parking garage by means of their registration number. The manager can offer these customers special treatment and/or promotions to reward their loyalty.

Park Insights

The Park Insights portal comprises a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that analyses detailed data about parking trends and behaviour in parking garages and converts them into clear graphs and diagrams. This provides the parking manager with extremely useful information on the basis of which he can take action. For example, it provides insight into peak hours of occupancy, and the favourite parking spaces in the garage. It also enables him to monitor trends in visitor behaviour, so that he can make improvements to the parking process or customer services. He can adjust staffing to the peak hours and identify which parking spaces might be most suitable as short-stay or premium zones. “Our smart technology gives our customers a head start in the field of customer service, and ensures smoother parking and more security. Moreover, we provide them with an advantageous revenue model,” says Gary Neff, Park Assist’s CEO.

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