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First DEKRA Certification for BB-Lightconcepts

The high energy efficiency of LED lighting can save significant amounts of energy and is therefore good for the environment. Due to disappointing performance, such as a rapid decrease of the capacity and unstable colors that occur in some products, users are hesitant about the switch to LED lighting.

To stop this uncertainty, DEKRA introduces now a LED standard, which is awarded to products (both LED lamps and luminaires) whose performances and safety are proven. This will increase the need to invest in LED lighting, something which both users and the environment will benefit.

Vincent Roes, Commercial Business Director at DEKRA: "We have developed the DEKRA LED Standard partly at the request of the lighting industry, so manufacturers who offers a high quality, pursuing their products from the mass. With the DEKRA LED Standard their products answers to the highest standards."

DEKRA Certification (formerly KEMA Quality) has for decades experiences in the testing and certification of a wide range of lighting products in the DEKRA Lighting Technology Centre (DLTC).

In the certification procedure, there are looking at the energy efficiency, lifetime, light stability and security. An initial assessment consists of laboratory tests and evaluation of the factory, the quality management system and the test procedures of the manufacturer. This will be followed by an annual review to verify if the organization still meets all requirements. After three years, the entire certification process are fully repeated.

TKH subsidiary BB-Lightconcepts Doetinchem is the first manufacturer of LED luminaires for the professional market (BtoB) which will be DEKRA Certified. On 22 February 2013 Vincent Roes will give the DEKRA certificate to Mr. Chiel Bekker, Managing Director of BB-Lightconcepts.

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