BB Lightpipes illuminate platforms at Brussels Midi Railway Station

At track 1 to 6 of the Brussels Midi train station the lighting installation is replaced by high efficiency lighting fixtures of TKH subsidiary BB Lightpipe. For this project BB Lightpipe developed a custom made version of the BB Lightpipe EVO which can be mounted in the existing cable trunk. The cable trunk also contains audio speakers, camera modules and railway signs.

An additional housing was developed around the standard housing to make a clean fit in the cable trunk housing. The housing and wiring were designed to make a fast and easy installation possible. This was important because replacement had to be done during the night. With a fast installation, labour cost is kept low. The customer chose the BB Lightpipe because of its glare free quantities. In a train station it is vitally important lighting doesn't lead to blinding of the train operator.

The BB Lightpipe is a high quality fixture with a very long lifetime. There is no need for any replacement parts in al least the next 12 years. This means maintenance cost is very low.

Brussels Midi is the main hub station used by all mainline trains serving Brussels including international trains to London, Paris, Amsterdam & Cologne, Cologne & Frankfurt, Luxembourg.

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