A safe landing at Vancouver Airport with TKH solutions

Already in use at airports in the Netherlands, TKH is also enjoying success with the roll-out of the CEDD® Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) system in other countries. The “safety critical lead-in / lead-out stop bar” system at Vancouver Airport in Canada is now fitted with CEDD®AGL.

CEDD® (Contactless Energy and Data Distribution) is a unique connectivity technology for the distribution of energy and data. Vancouver Airport is using the technology for its taxiway lighting system. The CEDD® system was installed
in record time thanks to the simplicity and clarity of its design. The system provides a higher level of reliability and greater energy efficiency, and requires less maintenance, thus greatly reducing the ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ of the system.

Synergy in ‘smart technology’

The operating system for CEDD®AGL was developed by TKH subsidiary USE System Engineering, with EKB, another member of TKH Group, taking responsibility for connecting the various base stations to the CEDD® system. Because breakdowns in the system can cause hazardous situations or delays and can threaten safety during take-offs and landings, another TKH subsidiary, Keyprocessor, integrated the Apollo Site Management solution into the Point of Base stations in order to guarantee the system’s availability. Apollo constantly monitors the Point of Base station for faults to avoid those risks. The site management system continuously registers access to the system, so that the manager always knows who has opened the cabinet, and when. The monitoring is regulated with sensors which measure temperature and humidity and which can detect fires and set off an alarm if anything unusual occurs. Yet another fine example of TKH combining its ‘smart technologies’ in a total solution to create a safe and reliable infrastructure.

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