3D technology from LMI promotes the scanning of rubber and tires

In February 2018, LMI launched new 3D laser-scanning technology – Gocator 2430 and 2440 – to meet the growing demand for ‘high-sensitivity’ high-speed scanners for rubber and tires, as well as for scanning medium-sized objects, such as electronics casings, car parts and packed products.

Scanning dark material like rubber and tires at very high speeds is only possible using 3D-sensor technology, especially when it concerns a low contrast and complex geometry. With the latest image processing technology and an optimised optical design, these sensors reach scanning speeds of up to 5 kHz and offer a high measurement sensitivity for scanning dark materials, such as treads and sidewalls.

LMI’s Gocator offers the unique option of creating multi-sensor networks to scan the entire surface of the object, so that the user can register more data points with fewer sensors, while even managing to record the surface and the edges in greater detail.

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