The Executive Board is charged with managing the company. The Board develops a vision of long-term value creation and formulates an appropriate strategy, taking account of the acceptable risk profile. To implement the strategy, the Executive Board is responsible for achieving predefined objectives, results development, financing of the company and corporate social responsibility issues that are relevant to the company, such as the environment and social and personnel matters. The Executive Board involves the Supervisory Board on time when formulating and adjusting the strategy to realise long-term value creation, and is accountable to the Supervisory Board for its actions.

The Executive Board is also responsible for compliance with all relevant primary and secondary legislation and for managing the risks associated with the company’s activities through the adequate implementation of internal risk-management and auditing systems. This involves surveying and analysing the risks related to the strategy and the activities of the company, establishing the risk appetite and defining the measures to be taken to counter the risks. The Executive Board is accountable to the Supervisory Board for the effectiveness of the set-up and the functioning of the internal risk-management and risk-control systems.

The Executive Board has regulations that describe its tasks and its relationship with the Supervisory Board, the shareholders and holders of depositary receipts, the General Meeting of Shareholders and the employee representation body. It also contains rules relating to conflicts of interest in relation to the company. For practical reasons, the Executive Board has created an internal division of duties, which indicates the responsibilities of individual members for specific functional and business areas.

The Executive Board of TKH Group NV is made up of the following members:

From left to right: Alexander van der Lof (CEO), Elling de Lange (CFO)., Harm Voortman.

J.M.A. van der Lof, chair and Chief Executive Officer (1958)

Mr J.M.A. (Alexander) van der Lof MBA has been chair of the Executive Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TKH Group since 2001. He began his time with us in 1985 and held various positions at management and board level with B.V. Twentsche Kabelfabriek (TKF), most recently in the post of commercial director. In addition to his career at TKF, Mr Van der Lof also worked for a number of years as Company Secretary of N.V. Twentsche Kabel Holding and as co-ordinator of the Technische Handelsgroep. In 1998 he joined the Executive Board of TKH as Chief Financial Officer.

E.D.H. de Lange MBA, member and Chief Financial Officer (1965)

Mr E.D.H. (Elling) de Lange MBA has worked for TKH since 1998 - initially as a member of the board of C&C Partners Telecom in Poland. From 2002, Mr De Lange was financial director of the Chinese Cable-manufacturing companies TFO and ZTC, and from 2003 managing director. From 2006, he also became chair of Kabelproductiegroep Nederland - China. On 7 May 2008 Mr De Lange was appointed a member of the Executive Board and CFO of TKH Group. Before coming to TKH Group, Mr De Lange worked in various international management positions at Ballast Nedam.

H.J. Voortman Msc, member (1966)

Harm Voortman joined TKH’s subsidiary VMI Holland BV in 2004, where he held various management positions, including that of Commercial Director. In 2010, Mr. Voortman was appointed CEO for VMI Group and in 2015 he also joined the Management Board of TKH. In 2018, Mr. Voortman was appointed member of the Executive Board of TKH Group. Before his career at TKH Group, Mr. Voortman worked in various R&D and management positions at among others Shell and Stork.