TKH aims to be an attractive and responsible employer. An important pillar of our corporate level strategy is investing in human capital and building a strong, diverse workforce of talented people. Working together with talented and qualified people is vital to achieving our mission of creating best-in-class Smart Technologies.

Being an attractive and responsible employer is an important duty and one we take seriously. TKH offers an inspiring, safe, and healthy working environment for all its employees, while always seeking to make further improvements. TKH has an open business culture with a high level of entrepreneurship and short lines of communication. Our organization is also characterized by delegated authority, trust, and transparency.

TKH strongly believes that the diversity of its workforce will further bolster the success of its defined strategy. One of our priorities is therefore to boost and safeguard diversity within our organization. In addition, TKH continues to build on its strong employer brand in order to keep attracting the right talents and fill vacancies rapidly, especially in times of scarcity in human resources.

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Facts & figures

diversity (female executive and senior management)
Accident rate (LTIFR)
ESG assurance (number of KPIS)
Employee satisfaction