Circular Economy

Circular economy is becoming increasingly important for TKHs cable production companies, because raw materials, such as copper, aluminum are becoming scarcer and waste is constantly growing. As a result, the demand for re-use and recycling of products and raw materials is increasing. From the energy market the question came of thinking in recyclable solutions. This has accelerated the focus on circular economy. As partner of the innovation program "Leadership on Circularity", TKH subsidiary TKF works together with players in the chain on a challenging project.

TKF has already used various initiatives to permanently recycle materials. Consider, for example, the recycling of copper wire. Pure copper waste is carefully collected in waste bins intended for this purpose and converted into fully usable copper by the copper supplier. Even cables and cable pieces are separated as far as possible and the possibilities to fully recycle the cables are examined. This also applies to the plastics that are used, for example, as insulation material.

For the pilot of producing a recyclable cable, filling elements were used from our own recycled materials. The re-use of materials becomes more complex when parts contain more technical characteristics and when the cable has to meet strict standards to guarantee quality and functionality. An aluminum conductor has been successfully developed for this pilot with the addition of aluminum from other applications. A challenge in view of the fact that aluminum, unlike copper, is not a pure raw material, but an alloy. Tests will be carried out on the cable and extensive research will be done to realize further sustainability.