TKH aims to contribute to a sustainable society. This means that every business decision is made not only in the light of its effect on profitability but also its possible consequences for the people involved in our organisation, and its impact on the environment and our reputation.

TKH is constantly striving to ensure that its technological solutions and corresponding services meet current demands and needs without detracting from future needs and facilities. For TKH, focusing on CSR issues is an important way of integrating sustainability in our day-to-day business operations. TKH is present in an increasing number of value chains as a purchaser, producer, supplier or partner. In all of these roles, TKH tries to guarantee uniformity with regard to its CSR principles.

As a matter of strategic priority, CSR is firmly anchored in our day-to-day operations, and CSR initiatives are more and more being integrated into our organisation. Our CSR policy is future-focused and provides a framework for our short- and medium-term plans without losing sight of company interests. We report in line with the international guidelines of Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI G4.0) and endorse the OECD guidelines for international business in the field of corporate social responsibility. We apply the IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council) value-creation model to show how value is created within the TKH group in the long term.

CSR is fully incorporated into our operations, with the result that, when we implement our strategy and achieve our objectives, we consider our social responsibilities in relation to all relevant stakeholders and the effects our activities and operations have.

The Executive Board is intensively involved in the on-going development of the CSR strategy and initiatives. Interactions with our operating companies ensure that ‘best practices’ are shared, so that we can continue to tighten and improve our performance.

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