With our decentralized operating model, we strive for a high level of entrepreneurship and a winning culture. We stimulate and incentivize group synergies, which are important for our value creation strategy, allowing us to support our companies in offering distinctive solutions to our customers at attractive cost levels.

Our group synergies are realized mainly in the following areas:

  • Integrated and combined technology systems across our three technology segments.
  • Large-scale in-house software development through a centralized competence center, which serves operating entities in each segment with building blocks that can be applied to multiple entities and segments.
  • Cooperation between operating companies, to utilize synergies for example related to supply chain.
  • Centralized software development leadership.
  • A unique pool of talent that enables the transfer of skills and knowledge.
  • Group functions that foster cooperation, innovation, and growth.
  • Group management, resources, and competencies to scale up initiatives to sizable business units.
  • Strong TKH branding and reputation, market access, and global footprint.


Executive Board

TKH is a public limited company under Dutch law. The management of the company lies with the Executive Board under the supervision of the Supervisory Board.

From left to right: Alexander van der Lof (CEO), Elling de Lange (CFO), Harm Voortman.

Management Board

Growth within TKH resulted in the formation of a Management Board. This Management Board consists of three members from the Executive Board, as well as TKH's Finance & Control director, TKH's Director Corporate Development & IR and the company secretary, who manages the portfolios for CSR, HR and Communication/PR. The Executive Board is responsible for decisions taken by the Management Board and bears ultimate responsibility for the company as laid down in the articles of association.

Strategic Sounding Board

TKH has formed a Strategic Sounding Board to discuss the execution of TKH's strategy and to review the defined strategy. The Smart Technology segments are represented in the Strategic Sounding Board. Together with the Management Board, the members of the Strategic Sounding Board constitute an effective forum for the discussion of strategy, opportunities, technological and portfolio developments as well business development within the TKH group.

TKH Group worldwide

We operate worldwide from our business locations
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