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Industrial Solutions

The industrial sector is distinguished by a growing focus on outsourcing and concentrating on key industries. This trend offers TKH many opportunities. We are equipped to offer innovative, efficient solutions who make it possible for customers to produce at lower costs and greater flexibility.

By optimally combining new techniques, TKH helps producers produce more efficiently. In this way they realize more profit on their investments. In addition we cooperate on the refinement of their end products.

By thinking along creatively about the need of customers, innovative ideas can arise. In the specialty cable-sector this leads to innovative solutions, we know the art of minimizing the cable.

In collaboration with manufacturers we have developed concepts for tire-building systems for the production of car-tires that have brought on a new trend. Tires with lower friction and better road grip or tires with a larger rim diameter. We establish the guidelines for more efficient production methods. The tools: optimal material streams, better production times and state of the art control systems for the machine and processing industry. Our Industrial Solutions are made up of connectivity systems and manufacturing systems.

Besides, TKH produces and delivers the automation for the pharmaceutical industry where a pharmacy automatically can sort all medicined delivered but also can distribute these medicines via a dispenser.

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  • Machine Industry
  • Process Industry
  • Tire Construction Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Robot Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Tin Manufacturing