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Building Solutions

Our building system brings homes and offices to life.

From static objects, office buildings, homes and hospitals grow to become dynamic work, residential and living environments. The TKH Group is part of this. For example we equip offices with state of the art intercom and surveillance systems, networks for access control, networks for indoor telecommunication and controlled lighting. Intelligent electro technical systems that makes life more comfortable and safer. With communication facilities around the hospital bed and image communication systems for online homecare, we help innovate the care sector. And in order to ensure mobility, we deliver tunnel communication systems, flexiblesignposting and flight information systems.

Our building system brings homes and offices to life. TKH-Building Solutions is divided in three main categories: building technologies, security systemen and connectivity systemen.

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  • Utility
  • Governance
  • Transit
  • Health care institutions
  • Park Organizations
  • Shipbuilding and offshore
  • Railways
  • Energy companies