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VMI wins 'Tire Industry Supplier of the Year' Award

During the annual Gala dinner at the Tire Technology Expo on February 15th 2017, VMI was honored with the Tire Industry Supplier of the Year award. The award was received by Harm Voortman, CEO of VMI Group.

Each year, the Tire Technology International Awards for Innovation and Excellence are presented to reward the successful companies in the tire design and manufacturing industry. The shortlist of nominees is compiled based on input from the readers of Tire Technology International and the magazine’s editorial team. An independent panel of international tire industry experts then cast their votes to determine the winners.


Some quotes from the judges panel: “Over the years VMI has consistently developed and delivered high-quality tire building machines and related factory equipment to global manufacturers. Not surprisingly, the tradition continues with the commercialization of the Milexx truck-tire building machine.” Joe Walter, adjunct professor, mechanical engineering, University of Akron, USA “VMI has consistently responded to the industry's needs for faster, more reliable tire-building machines and other equipment. The company has pioneered greater automation as part of the drive to reduce costs and improve quality over many years. The Milexx machine is a milestone in TBR building productivity, while the automated vision systems being introduced to its newer TBMs promise greater accuracy, faster build times and even higher productivity. The company's commitment to the tire industry is demonstrated in the ever-growing list of customers around the world.” David Shaw, head of research, Tire Industry Research Harm Voortman, CEO of VMI Group: “We are honored to receive this prestigious award. It is great to see that our innovative work and dedication to the tire industry is recognized by independent experts. It confirms our strategy to bring value to our customers by providing unique and innovative solutions. We will continue to develop new products and services to help our customers face the challenges of the future.

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