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TKH expands activities in care sector

Unique technology for medicine distribution

TKH announces that agreement has been reached to take a majority stake of 57.5% in KLS Nederland (‘KLS’) located in Almere and Hoogeveen. KLS delivers unique technology for medicine distribution from producer to consumer.

KLS develops and produces systems and software for the wholesalers, pharmacies and consumers. With KLS’ technology great efficiency improvements can be realized in the chain of medicine dispensing in the form of a higher productivity, less medication failure and a higher therapy loyalty. By consequently applying the technology of KLS, billions of Euros can be saved in Europe. With the IDQare concept a higher therapy loyalty is realised through the use of medicine dispensers combined with information storage on the medicine use. This results in a big saving on healthcare costs. Besides IDQare, the systems of KLS are known under the brand names Medicomaat and Centralfilling.

Alexander van der Lof, CEO of technology company TKH Group: “By joining TKH, KLS can realise a further breakthrough in its aim to become a leading international player in the healthcare sector. The combination of existing technologies, concepts and production facilities of the TKH Group will lead to accelerated growth at KLS. Within five years, turnover could be able to grow to € 50 to € 100 million per year, a large part of which will be recurring in the form of licensing and services revenues. For TKH, KLS means a strengthening of TKH’s ambition to grow in the care sector by delivering technology to enable more efficient care.”

The current turnover of KLS amounts to over € 5 million annually. The activities will become part of the TKH-segment building technologies, and join in with the other care technology activities within the TKH group.