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Exchange rate dividend 2006

Under reference to the advertisement dated 25 April 2007 concerning the payment of the dividend over the financial year 2006 the Executive Board of TKH Group N.V announces that the number of dividend rights of (depository receipt of) shares of € 1.00 nominal that gives right to one (depository receipt of) new share TKH Group N.V of € 1.00 nominal, as per 10 May 2007 has been determined on 39.

Based on the average rate of (depository receipt of) share of TKH Group N.V. per 4, 7, 8, 9 and 10 May 2007 of € 83,2030, 1/39 part represents a value of approximately € 2.1334 which is approximately 1.59% higher than the dividend in cash of € 2.10. This means that for 39 dividend rights of (depository receipt of) shares of € 1.00 nominal, four (depository receipt of) shares of € 0.25 nominal will be obtained.


Payment of the dividend and delivery of (depository receipt of) shares in the capacity of the dividend rights will occur as of 14 May 2007, in (depositary receipt of) shares of € 0.25 nominal, by means of the bank or commissionair where your (depositary receipt of) shares are in administration.