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Isolectra's Realive Concept

Isolectra’s Realive concept has since recently also been available for the consumer market

Realive ‘HulpZoeker’ is a personal alarm system that enables a person to maintain direct contact with family, friends or neighbours at any time and from anywhere in the house. The alarm system is connected to the existing telephone line and can be installed quickly and easily in any home. It does not have to be prescribed by a health care agency. In addition to this alarm system, Isolectra is also introducing a ready-made system for ‘video calling’ via the TV or PC in the living room.

With the Realive ‘BeeldBezoek’ system, elderly people living alone can contact family, friends or acquaintances and communicate with them in sound and vision whenever they like. In this way, the Realive system greatly helps to reduce the social isolation of elderly persons and patients and improve their well-being. Both home systems are based on the systems used in the professional health care sector. The systems have large, easy-to-read buttons, are easy to operate and require no complicated actions.

More information about Realive HulpZoeker en Realive BeeldBezoek can be found on their website: