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TKH opens second Realive Experience Center in Haaksbergen.

TKH opens second Realive Experience Center in Haaksbergen.
On 30  June 2009 TKH opened its second Realive Experience Center (REC) in Haaksbergen. In this new demonstration centre ‘REC Twente’ the most current applications in the field of care, living and health are presented under the name Realive®. The Realive Experience Center shows how the elementary building blocks of the Realive  concept can cooperate in practice on the basis of information and communication technology.

Realive offers a generic platform for additional home and tele-services, on which several telemedicine and telemonitoring applications and communication facilities are integrated and tailored on the individual need of the occupant. Realive concept has been set up in cooperation and consultation with several national parties in the care chain, where particularly IZIT has made an important contribution to the transfer of regional knowledge in this area. IZIT is a service providing organisation which pushes ICT-innovation in the care sector in the region ‘Twente’ and ‘Achterhoek’.

On the basis of the positive experiences with the Realive Experience Center of TKH-subsidiary Isolectra in Capelle  a/d IJssel, it is decided to establish also the knowledge center in the eastern part of the Netherlands.

Beside the different practical cases and the components which are applied, a complete overview of the possibilities and solutions the Realive concept offers are demonstrated in the Realive Experience Center.

You can find the Realive Experience Center Twente at the Elektrostraat 17 in Haaksbergen (the Netherlands). TKH organizes on regular basis and by appointment guided tours in the Realive Experience Center in Haaksbergen as well as in Capelle a/d IJssel. More information about Realive on: