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Multimedia Connect

In recent years the TKH Group's activities in the field of data cabling expanded substantially. To increase visibility of these activities, there is chosen a new face and a new look: Multimedia Connect.

Multimedia Connect: one concept, one approach

All our activities such as R & D, marketing and production are now focused on a strong brand: Multimedia Connect. In that way we can achieve our ambitions better and build further on growth we have deployed. Data cabling is ultimately the backbone of our Safety & Security solutions and an important pillar within the Building Solutions segment.Multimedia Connect will achieve growth in specific market segments such as hospitals and data centers.

Our short lines to R & D and our competence center, which directs R&D, are very valuable in this concept. Our experts of Multimedia Connect are ready answering your questions adequately. Furthermore we are eager to move from the need in the market to develop new products and services. Also, the quality - as you're used to from TKH – is of a very high level. Therefore TKH offers you 25 years warranty on MMC networks as they are built by certified partners.

For more information about Multimedia Connect we kindly refer to the website who is specially designed for our new brand: