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Innovation in the health care sector

Innovation in the health care sector is unavoidable in the light of the ageing population and everything related to this. The TKH Group develops and supplies innovative care concepts: your care is our care.

TKH supplies, amongst other things, communication systems on the hospital bed. We also offer a range of solutions for those elderly people who prefer to continue to live in their own home for a longer period of time. Care providers are able to monitor any noises in a home or bedroom from a remote location using TKH’s acoustic monitoring system. TKH’s video communication system offers tailored care to health care institutions, housing corporations and municipalities 24 hours a day. Using this concept a person can use a television, PC with a touch-screen display or video phone to contact a nurse as well as their relatives, friends, volunteer carers or fellow patients. TKH’s health care solutions place tools for the improvement of the efficiency and quality at the disposal of care providers.

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