Energy connectivity technology

CEDD an unique connectivity technology of USE

CEDD distribution of data and energy with contactless user points

CEDD, developed by TKH subsidiary USE System Engineering in Haaksbergen, is an unique connectivity technology for the distribution of energy and data.

On airport Eelde (the Netherlands), USE installed, in cooperation with Dura Vermeer and Possehl, a ‘taxi way’ lighting systems equipped with this new connectivity technology. In a record time, the CEDD system was installed thanks to the simplicity of the system.

The application of the CEDD system results in a higher reliability, efficiency of energy use and less maintenance. The Total Cost of Ownership of the system decreases considerably. Contactless Energy & Date Distribution –as CEDD is called– is developed for cable connections in so called ‘harsh environments’. Unique of this solution is that energy and data transport are combined in a two-wired cable system, a base station and contactless user points. With this structured cable concept, lighting in tunnels or helicopter decks can easily be installed or replaced without making electrical contact with the power- or datacable.

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