TKH's shares are listed on the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange. They have been assigned to the Mid Cap index (AMX). In addition, TKH shares are also listed in the Next 150 Index established by Euronext. Options on shares in the TKH Group (ticker symbol: TKG) are available on NYSE Liffe, the European derivatives branch of NYSE Euronext (NYX). The options expire on the third Friday of the contract month and have an initial term of 1 to 9 months. Each option represents 100 TKH shares.


In the context of disclosure of controlling and equity interests the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) has published the following statement of the reported interests in TKH:

Dividend policy

At TKH Group we aim to give our shareholders an attractive return on their investment. We underline that aim with a commensurate dividend policy. Healthy balance sheets are of great importance to the continuity of our company. When calculating the dividend, for instance, we take into account the profit that we have to retain in order to carry out our plans for the mid-long term, while keeping solvency of at least 35%. Based on the growth targets for the coming years, we are aiming for a pay-out of between 40% and 70%.

Current rates