Smart manufacturing

VMI Remote Guidance offers remote support

To offer 24/7 support, VMI Remote Guidance is introduced. VMI Remote Guidance provides remote support and ensures that the manufacturing process is kept running at the customer. This is done through a video link between the customer and the helpdesk.

Remote Guidance enables the Remote Support Engineer to watch live with the customer at their machine. Through Augmented Reality, the engineer can, among other things, add hand gestures to the image at the customer to identify where the problem is, or ask the customer to show a specific component on the screen. In this way, the problem becomes clear quicker and the engineer can direct the customer straight to the solution. The only thing the customer needs is a smart phone or tablet. Moreover, this real-time advice saves considerably on response time, reduces downtime, and ensures a rapid continuation of the manufacturing process. VMI Remote Guidance is new to the industry and makes it possible to use the latest technology to enable remote professional service.