Smart manufacturing

VMI PIXXEL: vision and monitoring system provides optimal machine performance

TKH has a strong reputation as an innovator in the tire building industry, where software is also an important part of its manufacturing systems. The VMI PIXXEL, for example, is a development that focuses on Industry 4.0. Years ago, TKH had already introduced cameras in the automated tire building industry.

An extra dimension will be added to this through its vision and monitoring systems under the name VMI PIXXEL. This is not just about specially developed, extremely reliable cameras that deliver a better machine performance; this is a complete platform with the possibility of an online link. It is an integrated system that makes a separate PC unnecessary because smart software enables the system to detect and correct errors during the process. In addition, the software makes extensive use of visualization, which helps operators to monitor the process more easily. It provides competitive advantage in two ways. The online link allows data to be read remotely, which makes remote service and maintenance possible, for example. Quality assurance processes are simplified and improved through the availability of output data. This responds to the need of global tire builders to demonstrate that they make quality tires.