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TKH Security Solutions wins contract for New Amsterdam Court House

On 31 July 2017 the Central Government Real Estate Agency issued the New Amsterdam Court House (NACH) consortium, of which the Facilicom Group is a member, with the certificate authorizing the official start of the construction of the new court house in Amsterdam.

TKH Security Solutions has received the contract from Trigion Brand- en Beveiligingstechniek, part of the Facilicom Group, for the delivery and operationalization, in collaboration with specialists from Trigion, of an integrated Security Management System for the new Court House in Amsterdam.

In this collaborative project, all TKH Security companies, including Commend, will work together to implement the entire portfolio of TKH Security Solutions. In addition, it has been agreed that TKF cables and KVM extenders, supplied by Intronics, will be applied. Last year, the New Amsterdam Court House (NACH) consortium started the construction of the largest court house in the Netherlands on the Parnassusweg in the Amsterdam Zuidas District. The new Court House comprises about 47,250 m2 for offices, court rooms, interrogation rooms and custody area. The 10-storied building will house 1,000 courtroom staff and 200 chain partner employees every day. It is due to open its doors at the end of 2020.

Based on the ambition to create a comprehensive security solution within the new Amsterdam Court House, the consortium is also responsible for maintaining the Security Management System for a period of 30 years after completion. TKH Security Solutions has made arrangements about the maintenance period and will receive additional assignments from NACH based on the available Long-Term Maintenance Budget.

“The contract for the biggest court house in the Netherlands is the result of a long and intensive tender process that started in February 2016,“ says Gert van den Hoek, Managing Director of Keyprocessor. “The most important reasons of Trigion Brand- en Beveiligingstechniek to opt for TKH are the seamless integration of our proprietary systems, our experience with comparable high-end security projects and the possibility to entrust the entire maintenance and life cycle management process to a single technology partner.”