TKH has evolved and refined the tire manufacturing technology needed to produce superior passenger car and truck tires. TKH develops, manufactures, supplies and installs innovative tire manufacturing systems which make it possible to efficiently manufacture tires with specific properties. The highest possible form of automation and monitoring of production processes with the associated track and trace requirements are made possible by proprietary camera inspection technology.

Our solutions for Tire Building Industry

tire building
TIRE.Rubber Millroom.png
Rubber Millroom
TIRE.Textil Ply Cutting & Splicing.png
textile ply cutter/splicer system
TIRE.Rubber Extrusion.png
Rubber Extrusion
steel belt cutter
steel belt cutter
TIRE.Bead Apexing.png
Bead Apexing
retrax: retreading
TIRE.OTR:Truck Tire Systems.png
MILEXX: truck tire building machine
EXXIUM: passenger tire building machine
TIRE.Vision Control.png
Tire Vision Control
TIRE.Tire and Compound Testing.png
Tire tread Compound Testing
MAXX: passenger tire building machine
VAST: truck tire building machine
VAST: truck tire building machine


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