Marine & Offshore

TKH provides subsea cables for WindPark ‘Fryslân’

TKH was selected as the cable supplier for the Windpark ‘Fryslân’ project that is being built in the northern part of the IJsselmeer, to the south of the Afsluitdijk near Breezanddijk (the Netherlands). In total, this involves around 90 km of 33kV aluminium subsea cables.

Construction is already underway and, under the current planning schedule, the cables will be installed in October 2020. The wind farm is arranged as a cluster of 89 wind turbines, each with an output of 4.3 MW. It is the largest wind farm in the world to be built on an inland body of water. With a total output of 382.7 MW, Windpark ‘Fryslân’ will generate enough power for around 500,000 households. The wind farm will be fully operational in 2021.