Machine Vision

NET supplies cameras for demanding real-time inspection work in carpet industry

NET GmbH has delivered high precision 3D vision camera systems for the carpet industry. The open camera concept of NET allows customers to implement their own algorithms directly in the camera. This results in efficient data logging for carpet processing that is better than was possible before. The concept makes it possible to shift control from the PC to the camera so that higher processing speeds can be achieved, leading to greater scalability of the application than has been possible up to now. This drastically reduces the amount of data relayed from the camera to the PC and enables data to be processed in real time.

The manufacturer of cutting and spreading machines for the textile and automobile industries sets high requirements for inspection systems. An important quality aspect will be achieved by applying reliable, very accurate 3D inspection solutions. Owing to the partnership with NET, today’s carpet cutter comprises various GigEPRO cameras. These provide 3D detection of carpet accurate to three millimetres and also a view of the entire working width of more than four metres, all at a maximum speed of 50 metres per minute.

The 3D laser triangulation and application architecture of the cameras offer high-resolution images, and provide also so-called ‘intensity images’, including the grey values of the original image. The test object is constantly moved about under the camera laser system, generating a large number of triangular profiles, which together form a single, complete three-dimensional image of the object. Herewith, sub-pixel accurate results are achieved.