Energy connectivity technology

Management of optical fibre networks revolutionary automated by smart technology

The smart technology of TKH represents a revolutionary approach to the complete management of optical fibre networks. In the first place, the solution for managing optical fibre networks is less human-dependent and also foolproof.

There are no longer technicians who have to go to the PoPs (Points of Presence) to establish network connections, or remove them. Instead of that, ‘smart access’ is provided. This is ensured by a robot that receives its instructions from a central database made available by the operator or provider. In this database, all data are stored for the management, maintenance and adjustment of the network itself, and all connections in large and small district centres.

Excluding errors

Errors are also excluded: from the operator at the network management location to the PoP in the field where the network connections are made to individual users. Smart sensors in the optical fibre network continuously perform checks on the proper functioning of all its components. This simplifies management and maintenance, for example. It also responds to a large extent to the ever faster changes in the number of users served by service providers and others. Processing these changes manually entails excessive costs and also means unacceptable waiting times for the consumer/end-user.

Efficient monitoring and protection

Apollo Site Management is used to efficiently monitor and protect PoPs in optical fibre networks. These unmanned technical rooms are a major focus of attention for administrators. They must ensure the highest level of continuity, which is why permanent surveillance is needed - not only against intruders and vandals, because fire, extreme temperatures, humidity and power failures can also lead to failure of crucial functions. Since human surveillance entails high recurring costs, more and more companies are opting for Apollo. In addition to security and monitoring, it offers other benefits. For example Apollo can open the doors of PoPs remotely and record who has been inside, when and for how long. The duration of a visit may be interested when subcontractors are being utilized, for instance.