Fibre optic networks on a large scale in Dutch rural areas

”Offer access to fast internet to as many people as possible in the Netherlands”, that is the ambition of ‘Glasvezel buitenaf’, an initiative of DELTA Fiber Netherlands. Not only in the city or a specific region, but also in rural areas.

In order to realize this ambition, ‘Glasvezel buitenaf’ is rolling-out fibre optic networks on a large scale in the Dutch rural areas. Quite a challenge, as these countryside areas are rich in trees, highways and railways. Also, the distances in these regions are about 30 times longer compared to urbanized areas. This means a lot of digging. ‘Glasvezel buitenaf’ started in 2015 and now more than 100,000 addresses in rural areas have access to fast internet via fibre optics. An impressive number spread across the Netherlands.

An essential part of a successful project roll-out is the timely delivery of materials to the right location. Replenishing inventories based on engineering and planning information (guaranteeing an always available inventory level) will reduce operational costs thanks to lower inventory levels, fewer communication lines and less transport between warehouse and the project location.

For the realization of projects, ‘Glasvezel buitenaf’ has opted for TKH’s ACE concept. The ability to innovate and work together on dynamic business cases, TKH’s capacity to secure the entire chain within fibre optic networks and the long-term strategy, are key factors to cooperate with TKH.