Fibre Optic Networks

Fiberizing 295.000 houses in Rotterdam

To provide FTTH networks with fibre is in full swing throughout Holland. In the past, these networks were built and managed by incumbents and cable operators, but a change has occurred

We now see more and more new parties that roll-out large-scale fibre optic networks. Until recently this was only the case for rural areas that were not, or insufficiently served by incumbents or cable operators. However, now we see that alternative operators also install and manage fibre networks in urban areas.

Large equity funds are now also interested to invest in fibre optic networks and for this they are looking for technology partners. One of these companies is L2Fiber in Rotterdam, that has invested in the roll-out of a city-wide fibre optic network for the city of Rotterdam, connecting 295,000 homes.

For the realization of this project, L2Fiber has selected TKF’s ACE concept. Oscar Kuiper (director L2Fiber) states that the good business relationship with TKF, the ACE guarantee, the logistic concept and the possibility to innovate together were the deciding factors to do this important project together with TKF.

TKF will carry out this ambitious project in collaboration with contractor Van Gelder Telecom.