Excellence customer experience with smart sensor parking technology in Poland

In shopping and entertainment centre ‘Galeria Jurajska’ in Czestochowa (Poland) visitors will have an effortless parking experience with the patented M4 camera-based parking guidance system (PGS). The shopping centre can accommodate 2,000 cars and thanks to the PGS system, visitors have a real-time digital guiding to the available places.

Through Park Assist’s Park Finder™ application, and exclusive Find Your Car™ feature, Galeria Jurajska visitors will no longer have the issue that they cannot find their car anymore. The application enables returning parkers to find the exact location of their vehicles upon exit by simply typing in their license plate numbers – and/or when inserting their parking tickets at a Park Finder™ enabled pay station. The M4 smart-sensors with dual cameras located above the driving lane monitors a pair of spaces on each side. This unique vantage point provides the cameras with an unobstructed view of the parked vehicles – while providing parkers with clear sight lines for easy guidance and navigation. With the parking guidance technology of TKH, excellence in customer experience is offered.