Vision technology

Commend provides IVF Hartmann AG with optimum communication processing

IVF Hartmann AG - part of the German HARTMANN GROUP - is one of Switzerland’s leading providers of medical consumables. The company required a new access and communication system to replace their outdated duplex intercom.

Calls had to be routed from the entrance gates and doors to the Control Desk in the reception area and forwarded to a specific telephone number at times when the office is unattended. Additionally, the doors and gates had to be centrally controllable. The loud background noise caused by freight vehicles was a further complicating factor. Another requirement concerned the existing cut-outs in the entrance gate columns, which had to be reused for the intercom systems to ensure maximum cost efficiency. There are also two concierge lodges on the premises of IVF Hartmann AG that had to be accessible at all times, including outside regular business hours. This also required an appropriate solution. Following a live on-site demonstration, IVF Hartmann AG decided in favour of the mission-critical communication solution of TKH subsidiary Commend, which was sub-sequently installed by a local integrator.

The solution

Commend provided custom-built intercom stations with integrated cameras and microphones. These were installed at all entry gates. This made it possible to re-use the existing cut-outs in the gate columns. All calls from the vehicle and pedestrian gates are routed to the Conductor Control Desk, where reception staff can grant access at the push of a button. Optimum speech intelligibility even at high ambient noise levels was essential in implementing the solution. Intelligent Volume Control (IVC), a special audio processing method developed by Commend, enables intercom stations to ‘listen’ for background noise and automatically adjust the terminal’s volume setting. Each of the two concierge lodges had a Wallmount Station with TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) display installed to enable access control from there as well.

Benefits of the Control Desk ‘Conductor’

  • Thanks to its highly developed underlying operating concept, the Control Desk ‘Conductor’ is particularly easy to operate and provides a clear overview of all hardware and software components. This allows operators and reception staff to focus on handling calls (visitors, persons requiring assistance, employees, etc.).
  • Easy-to-use controls for managing all information sources linked to the Control Desk, such as audio and video data.
  • Automatic call forwarding to public telephone networks ensures that reception staff can be reached even when they are not physically present at the Control Desk.

“We needed a reliable access and communication system for the access gates and reception. We choose Commend’s solution because we were particularly impressed with the excellent sound quality and dynamic noise suppression. This has improved the workflow for the logistical processing of delivery vehicles, as it eliminates the need to repeat questions” - Matthias Lienhard, Technical Services / Health and Safety Specialist & Electrician at IVF Hartmann AG.