CIF invests in monitoring fibre optic network with Apollo Site Management Solution

CIF Operator equips all technical areas and street cabinets in the fibre optic network with monitoring sensors and an advanced access control system by Keyprocessor. This enables a continuous monitoring of ambient factors such temperature and humidity. With the access control system, authorized personnel can remotely be granted access to immediately resolve problems or to prevent them at an early stage. This allows CIF Operator to safeguard the availability of the fibre optic network even better.

CIF Operator is investing a great deal in expansion of the fibre optic network, especially in rural areas where high-speed internet still cannot be taken for granted. Due to expansion of the network, the number of technical areas is rising sharply. In combination with long network distances and the various CIF partners, it is essential to have a well secured system available so that access to these areas can be managed remotely.