Through a combination of electrical engineering and IT, TKH provides intelligent solutions for the health care sector in the areas of observation, security, visual communications, social alarms and video care for hospital care and home care. Security and alarms can be individually geared to the customer or resident’s health care needs. TKH also supplies comprehensive solutions for health care and nursing homes, care for the disabled, mental health care and hospitals. For the pharmaceutical industry TKH develops fully automated logistics systems for medicine packaging and distribution.

Our solutions for Care

Mission critical communication systems
CARE.Nurse call systems.png
Nurse call systems
CARE.Connectivity solutions- data : energy.png
Connectivity solutions: data/energy
CARE.Connectivity solutions for medical rooms.png
Connectivity solutions for medical rooms
CARE.Connectivity solutions- medical cable systems.png
Connectivity solutions: medical cable systems
surgery robot
Vision technology for dental & endoscopy applications
machine vision
3D Vision technology for medical imaging
access control systems
Integrated security & safety: access control
Integrated device management: track & trace
Integrated device management: track & trace
Integrated security & safety: alarm management
CARE.Automated dose dispensing.png
automated dose dispensing
CARE.Tele care- wandering system.png
Tele care: wandering system
CARE.Tele care-personal alarm.png
Tele care: personal alarm
CARE.Tele care-social alarm.png
Tele care: social alarm
CARE.Tele care-audio:video & smart sensors.png
Tele care: audio/video & smart sensors
CARE.Tele alarming & monitoring solutions.png
Tele alarming & monitoring solutions
access control systems
access control


Vertical growth markets