‘Care without planning’ via smart technology from VieDome

The tendency that people want to continue living independently at home, requires flexibility in the provision of care. TKH investigated existing care models and came to the conclusion that a different way of organizing and greater technological support could make care provision more efficient and more customized. It would give the client greater control and provide support at the moment it is required. An innovative care model, where the care needs of the client are central, not the care organization’s planning. By now the idea for the new care process has been completely worked out and launched in an unique project.

Video-phone system

The innovative VieDome video-phone system has been utilized as care technology: an open ECO system for care. The open technology means that products from different suppliers can be connected to VieDome. With more than 100 different functions in the VieDome platform, an extensive range of applications can be generated. Whether it concerns video care at home, social or personal alarms, acoustic monitoring, lifestyle monitoring, care control room, nurse call-out, E-health, fourth-generation video surveillance, mobile alarm with location determination, telemonitoring, wandering detection, services platforms or smart sensors - it can be all realized with VieDome.

Care without planning

Optimal freedom of choice for residents plays a central role, alongside more efficient care and extra attention for clients. After clients have submitted their care requirement via the video-phone system, they reach a Centrale24 care contact point. There are nurses here, day in, day out, ready to determine for a support request who would be best to visit the person requesting care. That could be their ‘own’ informal carer but also a so-called ‘longer-at-home’ support person or a professional care worker. An additional advantage is a lighter workload for informal carers and also fast, high-quality customized care.