Canton hospital in Baden communicates according to the latest technology

After many years of service, the existing intercom system at the canton hospital in Baden needs to be replaced. It was decided to install a modern, network-based mission critical communication technology of TKH, which meets all requirements in terms of security, functionality and design.

The communication solutions focused on:

  • Communication at pay points as well as at entry and exit gates in the car parks.
  • Communication lines for eight operating theatres, the recovery rooms, the PM room, and the cytostatics room.
  • Communication lines for various rooms and lounges.
  • Setting up group calls.

Easy expandability of the system was also a deciding factor.In addition to the extra-high volume capacity, the intercom stations of TKH offer the possibility of pre-recorded audio messages for various purposes, e.g., as an acoustic notification in case of a line failure, or to provide reassurance messages when a call is made. Configurable background noise suppression ensures ultimate speech quality in challenging situations. Eight of the hospital’s operating theatres have been equipped with medical & clean room intercom stations with germkilling membrane surface. Thanks to the VirtuoSIS Software Intercom Server, the intercom stations can easily be re-patched as needed without annoying faults or worse annoyance of the systems.