Vision technology

Ultra-reliable communication for toll roads

Vision software especially developed for the textile industry, to conduct in-line quality control of textiles and industrial materials drives vision inspection units for quality inspections of all sorts of materials, such as safety belts, elastic straps, hoses and industrial belts.

They are innovative, advanced systems for audio and video communication focused on security, efficiency and utmost reliability. And this applies no less to motorway operator Autostrade per l’Italia. The card payment booths on its more than 3,000 kilometres of toll-paying motorways are fitted with custom-built TKH communication terminals to enable fail-safe round-the-clock communication between motorists and staff at the central control room. To be considered for this project, the terminals had to provide SIP capabilities and interface seamlessly with regular SIP switchboards.

They also had to integrate with existing structures, materials and dimensions. Other required essentials for this extremely noisy environment included excellent bi-directional speech quality, high-performing background noise suppression, easy global deployment of automatic updates and a high tolerance for widely fluctuating temperatures.

Thanks to the leading-edge intercom technology, Autostrade per l’Italia and millions of motorists can rely on open communications lines and immediate response whenever they find themselves in need of assistance. Best of all, they enjoy the comfort of a natural speaking experience even against loud traffic noise, thanks to our noise and echo cancellation technologies, for simultaneous speaking and listening. On the maintenance side, automatic provisioning ensures that configurations and firmware updates are deployed instantly to all terminals throughout the network. Finally, the terminals’ built-in self-monitoring adds fail-safety to functionality.