TKH care technology makes a difference in home care

Remote care can be increasingly smart and its possibilities are continually increasing. Take, for example, ‘acoustic’ monitoring with smart sensors of the ups and downs of a person in need of care.

With new technology, a distinction can be made on the basis of individual monitoring scenarios as to whether someone is okay or whether help is needed because smart software and sensors can better recognize emergency situations. The whole room can be monitored so that movements are registered and it’s possible to know whether someone is moving around enough or has fallen, for example. TKH provides the at-home care automation system for observation, monitoring, video-phoning and social alarm. Having the client press an alarm button every day to indicate that they are still doing fine, may be forgotten at some point – leading to an unnecessary alarm signal. Sensors can solve that problem. It’s known that someone makes coffee or turns on the TV after they’ve got up. This can be detected by a sensor and a message can then be sent to the App on the telephone from a care provider who immediately receives an overview of the situation.

Digital technology can also make a difference to the operation of a healthcare facility. Analysis of data streams concerning the workflows allows for better or different planning. It provides knowledge about, for instance, who will ask for care at certain times, and this knowledge can be used to plan more efficiently. Based on the client’s needs, the care contact point can determine which employee can best be deployed, depending on the required expertise and availability. Central monitoring by the care contact point can be utilized to assess whether or not a home visit is necessary.

People are living longer at home and must receive the care they need there as well. Modifications in the home including personal alarms, lifestyle monitoring, camera surveillance, video communication and digital locks can be realized within 20 minutes with the TKH care solution.