Machine Vision

TKH vision cameras inspect materials for safety issues

Vision software especially developed for the textile industry, to conduct in-line quality control of textiles and industrial materials drives vision inspection units for quality inspections of all sorts of materials, such as safety belts, elastic straps, hoses and industrial belts.

These inspection units are equipped with TKH Mako cameras, which can capture high-quality images of the inspected materials. At full resolution, these cameras work at 41.2 frames per second. If the scan area is smaller, higher frame speeds are even possible. The software analyses the quality of the required specific features in real time.
By analyzing the resulting camera images using powerful image and data algorithms the system can register even the smallest defects, which are most difficult to find. Each type of defect is shown with a coloured spot. If required, all recorded defects are physically labelled and stored in a defect log file, together will all relevant data, such as time, position, production batch and defect profile.

The documentation relating to the detected defects guarantees full defect traceability and progressively helps to improve the production process. Kilometers of textile can be inspected in one inspection process, at a speed of up to 200 meters per minute.

By using automated vision inspection, textile manufacturers can speed up their production process and improve the quality of their products. This means that operators are able to adjust protocols and settings without having to stop or delay the production process. Textile manufacturers can guarantee delivery of top-notch products, subject to 100% inspection in line with standards in the industry, which is particularly important in use for safety-critical applications.