TKF continues sustainable cooperation with Alliander

For Alliander NV, the company responsible for one third of the distribution of all energy in the Netherlands and as such one of the largest network operators in the country, TKF will be supplying cables for the distribution of energy over the next few years. This represents a continuation of the years of cooperation between the two companies.

Last year, Alliander announced a new tender for energy cables worth € 10 million per year, for a period of 4 years, with the possibility of an extension to 8 years. Dirk Heuker of Hoek, Manager Energy at TKF explained that in addition to the supply of high-quality products, this cooperation has been made possible by the developments and ambitions of TKF in the field of sustainability and logistic services. There are attractive objectives and challenges in a number of different areas, for example in the circular economy, as well as in respect of such aspects as climate change and the labour market.


Dirk continued, “At Alliander, sustainability has been high on the agenda for years, and they challenged us to contribute our ideas to their operations. Together we are attempting to limit the use of natural resources, by reusing materials and ensuring that technical materials are purchased as sustainably as possible. Any raw materials that are used are returned to the material cycle, so nothing is lost. At Alliander, they are perfectly aware that cooperation is essential. As a result, they are entering into agreements with suppliers and other chain partners to deal with the ecological and social consequences of raw materials, services and the products used. Over the next few years, a series of pilots will be undertaken in order to raise sustainability to the desired level. For example, a start has been made on a pilot for the reuse of materials by Alliander itself. TKF will also be recycling materials, and tests are currently underway for the reuse of recycled materials in cables. In the framework of this tender, a raw materials passport has been developed to identify specifically which materials are used in making the cables. Such a passport is the first key step in developing sustainable energy products and a circular economy.”

“During this tender process, we at TKF demonstrated our willingness to contribute our own ideas so that everyone benefits,” explained Dirk. “In the field of logistic services, too, TKF has undergone major development over the past few years. That is one area in which we can specifically deliver added value to our customers. Although the quality of cabling was always important, there are many other key aspects. TKF, for example, will be supplying tailor-made cables to Alliander, saving both time and money. We deliver our cables at precisely the required length, and just in time. As well as saving on installation time, the underlying idea is that fewer waste sections will be thrown away, total costs of ownership will be reduced and transport movements cut back.”