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Security management solution for distribution center Hoogvliet supermarket

The Dutch supermarket Hoogvliet is currently in full swing with the implementation of a new distribution center in Bleiswijk (the Netherlands). This new distribution center will mostly automatic process both fresh fruit, vegetables and frozen products, as well as ‘dry’ groceries for consignments to the supermarkets.

The new location will also accommodate the processing of returnable packaging material and a centralized butchery. The size of the new distribution center is 72,000 m2 and there is a possibility to expand by a further 10,000 m2. The logistics processes will be optimized by a high degree of automation. Hoogvliet likes to stay at the forefront of technology, and therefore sought a Security management solution that will last for many years to come. That’s why the choose to use the security management solution by TKH Security.

“This appealing project has been approached from the perspective of the integral. TKH Security has offered a total solution to the new-build distribution center, with which all security requirements could be met. Thanks to our experience with distribution centers in the past, we were also able to offer a customer-specific solution here”, says Raymond Krikke, Senior Account Manager TKH Security

Security Management Solution

The iProtect software integrates various security disciplines, such as access control, camera surveillance and intercom. The user can create a floor plan of the entire premises using KeyMap on one or several screens, which shows what is happening and where something happens. It might concern a door that is open, someone who is attempting to enter an area to which he or she has no authorized access, or someone using the intercom at the gate. All of this works in combination with camera images. In addition, a large part of the other processes taking place in the distribution center can also be monitored on camera.

Installer Wesotronic is Hoogvliet’s standing partner involved in the development of the distribution center. They’re also taking care of the installation of the security management solution. Hoogvliet is not the first distribution center who has opted for TKH security’s solution. Through its successful application at trend-setting parties such as Gebroeders Versteijnen Transport, Scherpenhuizen Distribution Center and SMT, TKH Security has proven its added value time and time again.